What is a Puppy Mill?


The following you tube video is a very honest and realistic view of a puppy mill

220_troyers_2_                            180_dane_pup_2_

A Commercial Breeder in Amish Country, MO            Discarded dead Great Dane Puppy

In July, 2004, BARC rescuers took ownership of 8 BMDs from this breeding facility in Southwest Missouri.  BMDs, Leonbergers, Newfoundlands, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, and Hovawarts were all kept outside on a floor of rocks.  These large, heavily coated breeds were left outside in the summer heat of Missouri.  The temperature can reach into the low 100s.  Imagine.

While at the facility, 3 dead great dane puppies were found discarded in a pasture next to the pen where the mother Dane and the rest of the puppies were housed.

The pictures below were taken after a litter of Berner puppies were rescued.  They all suffered and died of a preventable disease, distemper.   The vaccination costs roughly $1.50.   The puppy millers refused to spend that small amount of money for a simple vaccination.  It is scary to think what else they elected not to do.


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Warning!  The text and pictures on these sites are extremely difficult to look at.  They will break your heart and make you angry.

Nonetheless, BARC, Inc.  believes it is important that we all understand the evils of puppy mills.






Please visit www.prisonersofgreed.orgto read more about puppymills and more about what others are doing to stop this horrific phenomenon.

 Jana Kohl and Bab

I had the pleasure of meeting Jana and Baby.  They are on a cross country crusade to stop puppymills.  To learn more about Baby, a puppymill survivor, and Jana’s fight, click on her picture.  It will link you to their website.


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