Adoption Fee

Most adoption fees range from $600-$1,200 with a sliding scale based on age. Older dogs being less expensive than younger dogs. Special needs dogs and/or older dogs may have reduced or waived fees. We have arrived at that amount by factoring in a number of considerations.:

1.  The Cost of Rescue

The cost of purchasing, transporting, fostering, rehabilitating and providing medical care to our rescues is very high.  Because of the generous support of the global Berner community, we have been able to carry out our work in spite of the financial burden.  The adoption fee goes directly to the care of our rescues and to new rescue activities.  Most of the adoption fee received allow us to provide life-preserving veterinary care to our rescues.

2.  The Going Rate for a Purebred Bernese Mountain Dog

A recent survey of Berner owners indicated that most purebred Bernese Mountain Dog puppies from conscientious breeders in the United States cost between $2000 to $3000. 

3.  The True Value of our Rescues

Most importantly, our rescues should be considered priceless additions to the Berner “family”.  BARC does not exist to provide cheap or bargain puppies to owners unable to pay the going rate!  We love and value each of our rescues for the Berners they are and we will do everything we can to ensure that their new families feel the same way.