Transportation Options


Because our BARC babies are adopted to families throughout the United States (and sometimes abroad), getting your new Bernese Mountain Dog home is very important.  We have two options that are available to you as a new BARC family.

1.  The safest and therefore the best option is coming to get your BARC baby.  Each rescue is located in a foster home.  When finalizing the adoption process,  you can make arrangements with the foster family as to where to pick up your new baby.

2.  We also fly dogs out of the closest airport to the foster home.  We most commonly use United Airlines.  They have a wonderful safety record and have proven to be extremely reliable.  The average price for flying a BARC dog is $350 + crate cost.  Of course, that price may vary due to the size and weight of your new dog.  Although BARC Board members can help, the new family is expected to make arrangements for any flight.


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