Foster Info

BARC Foster Parent Information

The role you have within the organization is very important to us. It is hard to take in an animal, love them and then let them go. It is stressful and heartbreaking. At any time you feel it is too much please call us. Keep the BIG PICTURE in mind, which is the animals and placement of these animals. This will allow us to save more Bernese Mountain Dogs. The more we can work with and train them, the more attractive they are to adopters. There are some animals that need the socialization and playtime of a home environment. This is where we need you the most. Not many people can love an animal as their own and then relinquish it to someone else. You will become attached. Remember though, by fostering you are putting the animal in a home situation, a stable and loving environment, something it might not have ever known. You are saving its life.