Tax-Deductible Donations, Friends of BARC Fund Raisers, Ways and Means, and Vendors Supporting BARC. HELP RESCUE BERNERS BY MAKING A TAX-DEDUCTIBLE DONATION TO BARC!

Since BARC’s founding, we have rescued and placed over 800 at-risk Bernese Mountain Dogs.  As you know, rescue is very expensive.  But doing nothing is even more costly!  Through your generous donations we are able to pay for such things as routine and emergency veterinary care, including expenses for spaying, neutering, vaccination, emergency health care for critically ill or undernourished puppies and pregnant bitches, and, when genetic disease is suspected, the cost of testing and documenting it.  Your financial support also enables us to cover the costs of screening adoptive families and educating the public regarding puppy mills and commercial, high-volume puppy breeding.

Please make a donation to help us continue to rescue these lovely dogs, place them in forever homes and educate the public.

Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition,Inc. is a 501c3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization.  All donations to BARC are fully tax deductible under current U.S. tax laws.  Donors outside the U.S. should consult their tax advisors regarding the tax status of their charitable donations.


Donor should make checks or money orders payable to Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition, Inc. and mail them to:

Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition, Inc.

4122 Atlanta Drive

Columbus, OHIO 43228


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