BARC, Inc.

BARC, Inc.

BARC, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Bernese Mountain Dogs from dog brokers, dog auctions, puppy mills, and any other dangerous, exploitative or abusive situation.  BARC, Inc. places these dogs in loving pet homes as spayed or neutered companions.

Adoptable Bernese Mountain Dogs .


Need permanent foster/adoption immediately.  This has been one of the most heartbreaking rescues I have ever done.
In their 6+years Grace and Joy had never spent the night away from their home, so my taking them was very confusing for them. These girls must be adopted together. A home without other dogs is preferable.

These two girls are so bonded that while one was being examined by the vet the other came and laid their head across the other ones back. Sadly, the results did not go too well. Grace has been exposed or has a tick born illness, Ehrlichia. It can be treated with Doxycycline. Joy was not so lucky in that she is heavy heart worm positive. Her heart worm treatment will be hard on her and will take about three months. A month of Doxycycline, then an Immiticide shot with over nite vet stay, one month after that, two Immiticide shots one each day of the vet visit. During this time Joy must be kept quiet and calm no jumping, running, or walks outside to potty off leash. If the heart worms are broken off without being absorbed it can cause a clot which could kill her. Right now she is a pretty quiet dog, not sure due to illness, her senior years or just her temperament.

Here is my dilemma. I do not want them to be placed with a long term foster only to be taken away from something/someplace they love…..AGAIN. They are confused right now and it would not be fair to give them a false security. I would like to find them a foster home that ultimately wants to adopt them.

These girls are so sweet they deserve to live out their golden years with love. I write this with tears in my eyes, no I am lying, I am all out crying. They are really good dogs. I was told they were not house broken, but they have yet to have an accident in the house.


Meet Poppy, a happy, loving 7 month old girl. She loves to play with her foster brothers, romping and running in the yard. She enjoys going for walks and exploring her surroundings, so she’d love an active family with another playful dog. While Poppy loves her play time, snuggling on the couch with her foster family is another of her favorite pastimes. Her foster family has been working on her house training and she has made huge strides in a very short period time. She is a smart pup!

Poppy would like a family with someone at home to spend time with her and continue with her training. She will make a wonderful addition to any family who can provide her with her wish list. This girl won’t disappoint, bringing joy and laughter everyday.

She is being fostered in Wichita, KS and her new family must be willing to drive to pick her up. 🐾💜


Mandy is a large six year old girl.  She’s pretty shy and tentative so she will need a quiet home with no children.  She can be playful and enjoys romping in the yard.  She also enjoys having a crate to have a safe place in which to retreat.  She can be a silly girl.  I’ve found the way to her heart is through people junk food, in particular, cookies and Cheetos!  I think she will really blossom in a home filled with love, patience and treats!!  A fenced yard is a must for Mandy.  Another confident dog to show her the ropes would be ideal.  She’s very submissive with other dogs.


Although safe, these dogs may be undergoing medical treatment, temperament testing, and/or foster placement for socialization.  If you are interested in one of our special babies, we ask that you read the FAQ’s and then complete the adoption application.  Questions and applications can be sent to our Board Member, Lisa Florin.    We have a high volume of applications to review and are very serious about where our rescues are placed, so please allow at least two weeks for our committee members to review the application.

Our rescues are fostered throughout the United States. Transportation arrangements of BARC babies to their new homes are the responsibility of the adopters.

Please also note, many of our rescues are placed quickly and don’t even make it to our website for posting…that’s a great thing!


Prior to placement all BARC dogs are:  spayed or neutered; microchipped; checked for heartworms and parasites and treated if necessary; brought up-to-date on all vaccinations, in some cases boosters may be necessary; and are on heartworm and flea/tick preventives.  In the event that a puppy is too young or a dog too ill to be spayed or neutered prior to placement, the contract will require the adopter to spay/neuter the dog within a reasonable timeframe.