BARC, Inc.

BARC, Inc.

BARC, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Bernese Mountain Dogs from dog brokers, dog auctions, puppy mills, and any other dangerous, exploitative or abusive situation.  BARC, Inc. places these dogs in loving pet homes as spayed or neutered companions.

Adoptable Bernese Mountain Dogs .


Meet: Elsa (4 year old female) 💕

Elsa is a sweet, loving little 4 year old Berner. She gets attached to her people and doesn’t want to let go! She will insist you pet, cuddle, and hug her for as long as you can! You will need to be around alot for her, or at least have another dog for her to be with. 💕🐾

Elsa gets along well with our other BARC dogs – one male & one female. She has exhibited some dominant behavior to work her way as top dog of the three dogs, though.🏆 She’s been good with other dogs she has met, but can also get nervous by their presence. 🐾

Elsa is still learning that people she does not live with can be friends. She tends to get nervous around strangers and new situations, so she would like space and understanding to learn that they mean no harm. 💕

We have not been able to see how she’d do with cats or small children. But, she is happy and loving with our teenage daughter. She’s mostly house broken – but, we take her out before she can make mistakes! 🐾



Meet: Goldie & Callie (7 year old sisters)
Currently, in: Denver, Colorado
DOB: 5/10/2012

Meet Goldie & Callie! These 7 year old sisters are bonded & must stay together. They were in a less than desirable situation & recently came to stay with their fellow BARC rescues, Cinder & Eloise in Colorado. 💕

Goldie is happy go lucky! She’s already got the circle wag happening. She thinks it’s silly to wag her tail against whatever makes the most noise. She’s super smiley and loves belly rubs. She’s always happy to see us. Callie is more reserved than her sister, but follows her lead when meeting new people. She mastered the stairs and the doggie door in one night. She’s one smart cookie. She like chin rubs, but isn’t a fan of the TV. Once she gains your trust, she’ll be a friend for life. Their foster sisters have taught them how much fun it is to chase squirrels in the backyard. 🐾🐿

They’re adapting really well to all of the change in their world. They’ve been waiting to trust humans and accept love. The light and hope is clear in their gaze. They’ve got a bright future! 💕



Meet: Lady (3 year old female) 💕
Currently, in: Olathe, KS 🐾

Lady is a very loving, but timid 3 year old girl. She has been with us a week and has made huge strides to fit in. She now sometimes wags her tail when we call her name, and she is starting to eat her meals at regular feeding times verses in the middle of the night when she feels no one is watching. 💕

Lady does however prefer to eat meals away from other animals. She can get grumbly when they get too close to her food. She is getting more confident with stairs, and at going outside on a leash! Lady has done extremely well with other dogs, cats, chickens, and horses! 😊🐾🐱🐔🐴

She will however need a lot of love and attention to overcome her previous life. Loud noises & quick movements still cause Lady to cower into a ball, whether inside or out. At this time, young children would probably be too much for her. A quiet patient home is what Lady is looking for. As heartbreaking as this is, in just a short week Lady has shown that she truly wants to become a part of a family! 💕

With love, time, and patience we feel she will learn how to be the dog she was born to be! A sweet girl who just wants to love and be loved. 💕🐾


Although safe, these dogs may be undergoing medical treatment, temperament testing, and/or foster placement for socialization.  If you are interested in one of our special babies, we ask that you read the FAQ’s and then complete the adoption application.  Questions and applications can be sent to our Board Member, Lisa Florin.   

We have extremely an extremely high volume of applications to review and are very serious about where our rescues are placed. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we are no longer able to reply personally to each one. However, we do hope to contact you when we have an available rescue that might be a fit.

Our rescues are fostered throughout the United States. Transportation arrangements of BARC babies to their new homes are the responsibility of the adopters.

Please also note, many of our rescues are placed quickly and don’t even make it to our website for posting…that’s a great thing!


Prior to placement all BARC dogs are:  spayed or neutered; microchipped; checked for heartworms and parasites and treated if necessary; brought up-to-date on all vaccinations, in some cases boosters may be necessary; and are on heartworm and flea/tick preventives.  In the event that a puppy is too young or a dog too ill to be spayed or neutered prior to placement, the contract will require the adopter to spay/neuter the dog within a reasonable timeframe.