BARC, Inc.

BARC, Inc.

BARC, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Bernese Mountain Dogs from dog brokers, dog auctions, puppy mills, and any other dangerous, exploitative or abusive situation.  BARC, Inc. places these dogs in loving pet homes as spayed or neutered companions.

Adoptable Bernese Mountain Dogs .


Meet: Roxie ❤️ 6 year old female
Currently, in: Kansas City Metro Area

Roxie is a 6 year old mama who is loving house life! 🏡

She is pretty much perfect, & I don’t say that lightly!! She is so easy to have around, & fits in seamlessly with our crew. Some very lucky family is going to be head over heels in love with her!! ❤️

Roxie is house trained and crate trained. She walks well on a leash. She is dog friendly and ignores the cat, but her primary focus is people. 🐾

She love love loves people, especially snuggling, and she would love a spot on the bed at night. She may be a little unsure in new situations, but adjusts quickly and looks to people for reassurance. 🥰

Roxie will be an amazing addition to a lucky loving family. Is your house her forever home? 🍀❤️🏡🐾




Charlie is a goofy, animated 4-year-old boy. He’s been through a lot in his 4 years – from needing a complete tail amputation, to having & being treated for heartworm disease, IBD, pancreatitis, & a vitamin deficiency. Charlie has had a rough life thus far & truly deserves a loving forever home. 💜🐾

He has been living with his foster family in the SW suburbs of Chicago since November & has made large strides in his comfort level around people! He can still be quite scared & nervous around new people, especially children, although he is very very gentle. Loud noises & quick movements tend to startle him. He loves to play with other dogs (big & small) and is great with cats as well. 🐾

He will need lots of love & attention to overcome his prior life. A quiet patient home is what he is seeking. Charlie just wants to become part of a family! 💜 With love, time, & patience we feel he’ll learn how to be the dog he was born to be; a sweet boy with no tail who just wants to love & be loved. 🐾



Otto is a wonderful 3.5 year old male that is up to date on shots & house trained. He’s been with a loving family all his life; so, he is socialized & well adjusted to living as a pet & family member. He is a sweet boy who is good with children, cats, and rabbits. He was surrendered to BARC because the family had to relocate to the busy city due to work and since relocating, Otto has become reactive to other dogs. Otto must go to a home with NO other dogs. 🐱🐰🐾

When Otto lived in Vermont his family ran an Air B-n-B and was great with all the guests coming and going. He even loved playing with the neighbors two labs when they lived there. He had a very large yard in VT, so someplace similar to allow him to run and play will be important. Otto would not be happy in the hustle and bustle of large city life. 🏞🏡

Otto is a handsome guy and so loving. He loves attention and asks for face scratches. He sits on your feet and backs up as close as he can to you when you sit on a chair or couch. He likes to be with people as much as possible. He loves popcorn, peanuts, peanut butter, and poptarts (blueberry or strawberry unfrosted)! 🥜🍿

The family is devastated, but they want Otto to enjoy his life to the fullest; he is not thriving in their new normal. Don’t you think Otto deserves a loving forever home with a big yard and plenty of pop tarts? We do. ❤️🐾



Missy is a very shy young lady, she’s no fan of paparazzi! 😎 Her personality is currently stifled, but with enough time and love, she will shine! She deserves a forever family who will show her the love she needs. 💜

“She likes to tear up bath mats, but probably not a good thing to put in the initial post. 🤣😅 She seems to be good with being outside and isn’t afraid of the mower, etc.! She keeps clear of it, but doesn’t run and hide. She is more scared of the person operating the mower (me). 😔 She will join you in the bathroom, if you are sitting down.. if you know what I mean. 😬 She also likes her stuffed toys!”

Missy has been through a lot in her life thus far; she’s been through the system, heart worm treatment, and had a run in with a semi-truck. She is a survivor. She is fearful due to her past; she has anxiety and is an extreme flight risk. This poor girl has been broken and bonding will probably take awhile.. but, will be worth it! This little lady has a bright future ahead of her!

We know that with love, time, & patience, Missy will blossom into the amazing companion she was meant to be. 🐾 She seeks an understanding home, preferably with another dog. This sweet girl deserves a loving forever family. 💜

Her foster family said they would really like to see if we can find a home in the KC area because they would like to be a part of her transition into her forever home 💕



Mr. Berns is a sweet 3 year old boy. He had his vet appointment & neuter surgery last week. Everything went well, and he is recovering nicely. He weighs in at just under 100 lbs. He also got his vaccinations, was wormed, and tested heartworm negative! 💙

He is still learning to walk on a leash and we are working on housebreaking (he is definitely a marker 🙈). He is a super friendly dog who is fine with other dogs and did well when introduced to cats. 🐱 He has lots of energy, and is not the typical shut-down dog we frequently find coming into rescue from a breeder. He’s friendly & learning how to be an inside pet!

The ideal home for Mr. Bernes is with a fenced in yard and an active household to burn off some energy. He apparently was allowed to roam on the farm he came from until neighbors complained and he had to be confined to the shed/kennel. Mr. Bernes needs to move and stretch his legs, preferably with another dog to show him the ropes. He is anxious to please, just dealing with a pretty steep learning curve as he transitions from his previous environment! 🏡🐾

Mr. Berns just wants to become part of a family! 💙With love, time, & patience we feel he’ll learn how to be the dog he was born to be; a sweet boy who just wants to love & be loved. 🐾



Dakota (6 y/o male) & Molly (5 1/2 y/o female)

Meet Dakota & his best friend, Molly. These two have been together their entire life & were recently surrendered by a breeder. Dakota & Molly have no health problems and have quickly warmed to their new comfortable, indoor life. They love to sleep side by side with their toes touching. 💕

Dakota was extremely anxious & fearful at first. In fact, just getting him in the car resulted in him fleeing twice! He was extremely dirty & matted, and therefore is partially shaved and sporting an interesting haircut right now. He’s now been with us just three short weeks & he has changed so much! He has learned to walk on a leash (he prefers a harness to a collar), play with toys, and actively seek out attention & affection. He has even given his foster mom kisses on the nose! He seems to enjoy being involved in whatever is going on in our home & keeps track of what everyone is doing. Dakota often trails CLOSE behind me all around the house which seems to partially be his curious personality, but also may be him still figuring out his new surroundings. 🐾

Molly is a quiet, more reserved dog, but warms up to anyone who patiently shows her love and affection. Molly was also quite fearful originally, but in a very short time has figured out how to go up and down stairs (a huge accomplishment for her!), walk on a leash, and now loves for us to pet her. In fact, if you stop, she will boldly nudge your hand to continue! Molly gets MOST excited at dinner time! 😋

Both were kept outside previously, but are doing very well with potty training, with only occasional accidents usually overnight. 🏡

Dakota and Molly have had no problem getting along with the other pets in our home which include large dogs, small dogs, a very energetic large puppy, and two cats. They also enjoy and interact with our small children with no problem as well. 🐾

Molly and Dakota are a sweet pair who have welcomed and absolutely soaked up attention and love since we’ve had them. It did not take long for us to gain their trust and the same will be true for their forever family! 💕


Meet: Tracy 💕 7 year old female

Tracy has very quickly come out of her shell! 🐚 She is a total love sponge who comes to us for petting & gets along well with our pack of beasties! She is a sweet & affectionate girl; she even laid her head in my lap this morning while I was sitting on the floor with her. 💕

She is fine with both large and small dogs—-I’ve not seen her with cats or small kids but she’s been fine with all visitors! Tracy is calm and clean in a crate, but zero accidents in the house when loose. (She likes to have her own safe space, but will approach us when she wants love.) She learned to use the dog door in about 3 seconds! Tracy also loves leash walks! 🐾

Tracy was recently vetted and spayed; she was heartworm negative, treated for ear infections (and will recheck ears), but they look good—sutures from spaying will be out next week, then she will have a bath and be nice and spiffy! 🛁 She was shaved because her coat was so matted. Once her coat grows in, she will be a really pretty girl. 🎀

She is still a little shy and will startle with quick movements and loud noises, but responds with tail wags to gentle voices and LOVES to be petted—-she will give you the berner bump with her snout for more 🙂 Tracy is a wonderful dog!!!

I know placing a 7 year old berner is tougher than a pup or young dog….but this girl is really wonderful, she is amazing and has so much love to give. She deserves the best! A forever home full of love 💕


Although safe, these dogs may be undergoing medical treatment, temperament testing, and/or foster placement for socialization.  If you are interested in one of our special babies, we ask that you read the FAQ’s and then complete the adoption application.  Questions and applications can be sent to our Board Member, Lisa Florin.   

We have extremely an extremely high volume of applications to review and are very serious about where our rescues are placed. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we are no longer able to reply personally to each one. However, we do hope to contact you when we have an available rescue that might be a fit.

Our rescues are fostered throughout the United States. Transportation arrangements of BARC babies to their new homes are the responsibility of the adopters.

Please also note, many of our rescues are placed quickly and don’t even make it to our website for posting…that’s a great thing!


Prior to placement all BARC dogs are:  spayed or neutered; microchipped; checked for heartworms and parasites and treated if necessary; brought up-to-date on all vaccinations, in some cases boosters may be necessary; and are on heartworm and flea/tick preventives.  In the event that a puppy is too young or a dog too ill to be spayed or neutered prior to placement, the contract will require the adopter to spay/neuter the dog within a reasonable timeframe.