BARC, Inc.

BARC, Inc.

BARC, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Bernese Mountain Dogs from dog brokers, dog auctions, puppy mills, and any other dangerous, exploitative or abusive situation.  BARC, Inc. places these dogs in loving pet homes as spayed or neutered companions.

Adoptable Bernese Mountain Dogs 


King is a very sweet and beautiful boy. He is in good health other than being underweight. New sights and sounds scare him and he is not real crazy about thunder. Though shy and fearful at times, he is still gentle and sweet. When we bathed him he NEVER showed any aggression, but just buried his head in my neck. He will let you pet and scratch him if you are next to him, and loves it.  King was very friendly to a two year old child that was visiting and readily ran over to her, no fear. At this time, King cannot be completely trusted with other male dogs. There has been some grumbling between him and my neutered male. He loves the ladies though! King will make someone a very loving and loyal dog once you gain his trust. He has known me for a week and I can feel that he is bonding with me. He will need a patient home willing to work with him, but with time that special family will be rewarded tenfold. We will not fly King, as it’s not in his best interest. His new home must be willing to drive to pick him up


Maisy has come a long way in the two weeks she has been with us. She is amazingly sweet and loves being in our laps. She is 6 years old and is on the small side weighing 57 pounds. What Maisy lacks in size, she makes up for in heart though. She gets along well with her 4 foster sisters and brother and has even started playing with them. It is unknown how she will do with cats. She will do fine in a home with older children but think younger kiddos would be too much for her.  Maisy is crate trained and goes in willingly. We do not crate her at night in our bedroom and she has done beautifully, but do continue to crate her when we are gone. Her front legs bow slightly outwards, but she has been seen by two different vets, both who say it’s probably a result of malnutrition. Her left ear has an old injury which caused a malformation and a twisted ear canal, which will make her more susceptible to inflammation and ear infections. The injury is not visible outside the ear though. This little girl thrives on love and attention. Maisy is looking for a laid back family that will provide her moderate exercise. She will make some lucky family a wonderful companion. We will not fly Maisy, as it’s not in her best interest. Her new home must be willing to drive to pick her up


Daisy is a sweet 6 year old girl. Like her sister Maisy, she is a pint sized Berner and slightly bow-legged. She is house trained and has not had an accident. Not sure how she is with crates, since she has basically had free run of the house and has felt most comfortable in the family room. She gets along with our dogs, but doesn’t really play with them yet. She loves to lie in the grass and be brushed. She gives me a big smile when the brush comes out. She likes to be with the family, and have scratches and cuddles. Daisy would probably like a quieter household (older kids OK) who will give her the love and attention she deserves. She deserves a special home that will make up for the life she has endured for the last 6 years. We will not fly Daisy. Her new family will have to be willing to drive to pick her up.



Lincoln is being fostered in IL. He is a typical 3 month old puppy — precious, sweet, fun, and wants nothing more to be with his people.




Although safe, these dogs may be undergoing medical treatment, temperament testing, and/or foster placement for socialization.  If you are interested in one of our special babies, we ask that you read the FAQ’s and then complete the adoption application.  Questions and applications can be sent to our Board Member, Lisa Florin.    We have a high volume of applications to review and are very serious about where our rescues are placed, so please allow at least two weeks for our committee members to review the application.

Our rescues are fostered throughout the United States. Transportation arrangements of BARC babies to their new homes are the responsibility of the adopters.

Please also note, many of our rescues are placed quickly and don’t even make it to our website for posting…that’s a great thing!


Prior to placement all BARC dogs are:  spayed or neutered; microchipped; checked for heartworms and parasites and treated if necessary; brought up-to-date on all vaccinations, in some cases boosters may be necessary; and are on heartworm and flea/tick preventives.  In the event that a puppy is too young or a dog too ill to be spayed or neutered prior to placement, the contract will require the adopter to spay/neuter the dog within a reasonable timeframe.